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minting solution

Pledge Mint allows NFT creators to offer a stress-free minting solution for busy, high-conviction buyers.


The problem with
NFT Minting

Mint-Out Risk

Projects worry about minting out. They can’t gauge who their high-conviction buyers are before mint day.

Missing Quality Buyers

Investors with busy schedules may not be available to purchase on the pre-determined mint day or time.

Gas Wars

Whitelisted or not, investors are forced to pay high gas fees due to demand spikes on the blockchain.


Your buyers are targeted by scammers on the mint day with fake links and offers.

WL Grinding

Investors are discouraged by WL grinding culture due to lack of time.

How Pledge Mint
solves these problems

Buyer pledges upfront

Leading up to mint day, buyers are able to select the number of NFTs they would like to purchase and deposit funds upfront. Mint price x quantity + a small transaction fee.

Trustless escrow smart contract

Each pledged transaction will be deposited into a trustless escrow smart contract which will then process the NFT purchase for the buyer on mint day. Buyers can unpledge anytime before mint.

NFTs airdropped

On mint day, the NFTs are airdropped directly into the same wallet the buyers pledged with

Success story

Culture Cubs

Pledge Mint successfully helped Culture Cubs mint out. The community pledged pre-mint 60% of their NFT collection (1400+ NFTs, 185 ETH) in a bear market.

The community benefited from a safe, convenient and low-gas mint, and Culture Cubs secured upfront funding and gained access to their highest-conviction supporters. Post-mint, 98% of pledgers still hold their NFTs and support the project.

Pledge Mint is the solution you have been waiting for

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